Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Faunoiphilia: sexual arousal from watching animals mate. Seriously, I am not judging anyone who is into this o_O. Well let me qualify that statement.I AM actually judging you, but for the life of me I want to understand you. I’m going to be honest with you all, I loves me some porn (spoken in my BEST southern drawl). No really, I like all kinds of porn. Lesbian, boy/girl, boy/boy/girl, girl/girl/boy, midget & sock puppet but come on now, ANIMALS? Who in the f--g really sits at home and gets off on watching Animal Planet. Not to mention, how do you share that with your mate? I mean, I love my man beyond what’s possible to express with words BUT if he EVER comes in the crib mad excited with a DVD in hand on some “baby, we bout to put in some work get out the stapler, tarp, ginsu & butt plug” and then he pulls out the first season of “Orangutan Island” & asks me if I know that even hyenas have been documented having oral sex……I’m leaving him.

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